Interactive Close-Up Magic

Many people know magic as grand illusions performed on stage or television. Yet, very few have ever experienced close-up magic. Performed right in front of your eyes, it is the most intimate of all styles and jam packed with laughing, gasping and audience participation.

This show can be performed at dinner tables or walking around your special event, entertaining your guests with exclusive magic ranging from traditional sleight of hand to mind reading and personality readings.

It is the perfect ice-breaker as it helps welcome guests and allows everyone to get to know one another better.

Whether you are organising a wedding, a private party or even a business conference, your aim is to create a fun and memorable event for your guests. Yet, starting a conversation in a room full of strangers can be harrowing!

By bringing people together, magic facilitates networking. As Maximiliano approches a group of guests, he shares with them a unique moment of fun and wonder that leaves them laughing, talking and interacting.

People will remember how your event made them feel. And Maximiliano can make your guests feel spellbound.

Have Maximiliano for yourself!

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